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Kenapa Orang Tak SUKA BN?

Ikutilah pendedahan bagaimana Red Bean Army atau Askar Kacang Merah DAP menjadikan kenyataan Zahid Hamidi untuk membuatkan orang benci BN…

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PETALING JAYA (MAY 16): Newly-appointed Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Malaysians who are unhappy with the country’s political system should leave the country, stressing that loyal citizens should respect the rule of law.

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Cara DAP Cyber Troopers Menipu Untuk Membangkitkan Kemarahan Rakyat

Naib presiden Umno Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi menyeru golongan yang enggan menerima sistem pilihan raya Malaysia agar meninggalkan negara ini dan berhijrah ke negara yang menjalankan pilihan raya mengikut kaedah yang digemari.


Sistem politik telah bertukar menjadi Sistem Pilihan Raya

Menyembunyikan Penjelasan Ahmad Zahidi Yang Sebenar

Ahmad Zahid wrote that the illegal gatherings held across the country by Pakatan Rakyat was a form of escapism and the denial of the fact that it failed to take control of Putrajaya.

The minister added that the opposition was overconfident with the support it received from voters.

“Even if it is true that the opposition had claimed a greater majority, the measurement used by the opposition had been manipulated to follow the list system or the single transferable vote system,” he said in column entitled “Perhimpunan haram sebab tak terima hakikat gagal kuasai Putrajaya.” (Illegal gathering because refuses to accept failure in controlling Putrajaya)

“Malaysia inherited the political system from the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth countries also use the first past the post system where political parties contesting in the election will only have one representative in each constituency with the principle of a simple majority of votes,” he added.

He said opposition leaders, especially those from PKR and DAP, have been irresponsible in confusing young Chinese voters and their followers who are “politically blind” to dress in black to protest against the result of the 13th general election which they believe is for them due to the popular vote.

“If these people wish to adopt the list system or the single transferable vote used by countires with the republic form of government, then they should migrate to these countries to practise their political beliefs.

“Malaysia is not a country to translate their political beliefs, even if they are really loyal to this country, they should accept the political system and the existing system to form a government as enshrined in the Federal Constitution,” he said.

He said PR must recognise and accept that the voters have rejected their rule in accordance to the first past the post system.

“Illegal gatherings organised as roadshows are just an escapism by the opposition to run away from the fact that they have failed to capture Putrajaya.

“The opposition was actually over confident) with the support of the voters and manipulated the various issues with false promises in its manifesto that they know will not be able to implement,” he said.

He also pointed out that PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had already accepted the results  and disagreed with the illegal gatherings by PKR and DAP.

“People are getting fed up with the behaviour of a number of opposition leaders who are dragging in the young, especially those of Chinese descent, by fanning the flames of hatred and racism in a pluralistic society which has already fostered a sense of harmony.

“The opposition is also questioning the authority of the Election Commission (EC) which had allegedly manipulated the votes. It is an outrageous accusation when the EC have observed most of their demands including the use of indelible ink that is only used by the third world countries,” he said.

DAP Troopers Hanya Melaporkan Sekerat Daripada Kenyataan Keseluruhan Ahmad Zahidi

Naib presiden Umno Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi menyeru golongan yang enggan menerima sistem pilihan raya Malaysia agar meninggalkan negara ini dan berhijrah ke negara yang menjalankan pilihan raya mengikut kaedah yang digemari.

Beliau yang baru dilantik mengetuai kementerian dalam negeri mensasarkan perkara itu kepada golongan pengikut parti politik yang berpakaian serba hitam dalam kempen bagi membantah keputusan pilihan raya umum ke-13.

“Pemimpin-pemimpin parti pembangkang khususnya PKR dan DAP telah mengelirukan anak-anak muda Cina dan para pengikut yang buta politik untuk berpakaian serba hitam sebagai tanda protes terhadap keputusan PRU-13 yang dianggap memihak kepada mereka mengikut undi popular,” katanya. – Laporan Cyber Troopers DAP


4400 share dalam 2 jam sahaja dan puluhan ribu Rakyat Malaysia akan marah terhadap kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan ini hanya salah satu isu daripada puluhan ribu penipuan isu dan juga puluhan lagi Page DAP Red Bean Army yang Lain.

So know you all know why ORANG BENCI PADA BN ?


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